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Crockpot Genius: Cook Smarter, Not Harder

I'm proud to share with you my first minicookbook in the new GENIUS series. An affordable 30-page paperback cook book, CROCKPOT GENIUS is filled with my top ten slow cooker recipes and covers all your bases, from appetizers for entertaining, to downhome comfort food to feed your family. Pick up your copy now for only $10!

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Dinner at the Lodge

Dinner at the Lodge is a cook book that reflects my passion for feeding others. It is my hope that this approach will inspire the chef in you and to help bring comforting, hearty meals to the table. For example, whether you are trying to impress your clients or your kids, Dinner at the Lodge offers some options.

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Buffalo Hot Wings


"The cook book is amazing.  We have given several as gifts.  We use it all th time.  Great tasting recipes and good hearty meals."  --  Anesssa S.

"If you don't have Hannah's first cook book, you are missing out.  One can't explain how great it is.  Everything she does has her own twist, like no other!  She's absolutely the REAL DEAL, people. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!"  --  Chad M.

"I love my cook book.  Some very delicious and easy recipes."  --  Christy L.

An Excerpt from Dinner at the Lodge: Three Color Rule

We eat with our eyes first. Having bursts of color on your plate makes every dish prettier, tastier, and way more special! This is an easy rule of thumb to use every time you make a meal. Popular examples of this rule include the addition of green onion and tomato to fettuccini alfredo or adding colorful fruit to a bowl of oatmeal.

Bacon Wrapped Smokies Signature Chocolate Cake

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