About the Lodge

Standing three stories high, The Lodge is a 5,500 sq. ft. building tucked away in the hills of Nicholasville, Kentucky, where my catering services started. McCauley Catering has remained here, surrounded by the family horse farm, the Kentucky River, and awe-inspiring views.

The Story Behind the Lodge

The Lodge is not only a place of business that welcomes hunters across the U.S.—it is also home to myself and my family. Entering into the McCauley family, I quickly discovered that I was in for a fast, exciting ride! This tight-knit clan is made up of five strong-willed brothers (my husband, Tevis, included), a driven father, and a talented, giving, passionate, encouraging mother.

After dating for only six months, Tevis and I knew we were together for the long haul. We were living in one of his rental homes while I was on the road to a teaching career and he was conducting a successful hunting business, Whitetail Heaven Outfitters, which lodged hunters wherever possible.

One night, around his parents' kitchen table, Tevis, his mom, Angie, and I made a dream board. We discussed future plans for our life and our business. Ideas were tossed around, sketches were drawn, and the seeds were planted. Tevis knew he needed a lodge to better accommodate his hunting clients, while Angie loved the prospect of a new interior design challenge. It all began as a dream.

After that night around the kitchen table, we had seven months to get this house built. The November rifle season had brought the largest guest list yet, with 22 hunters booked. The foundation was laid, decisions were made, and The Lodge was going up before my eyes. It wasn't exact smooth sailing, but thank God for Angie, who was right there every step of the way.

On November 2, with rifle season only five days away, The Lodge was completed. Seven bedrooms, five baths, and unlimited possibilities! We have been utilizing, sharing, and filling our lodge with love each and every day since then.

The Lodge

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